All Phd Theses at the Department of statistics
2022 Ornstein, Petra On predictions, measurement, and causal inference: Essays on statistical correlations and statistical applications in labor market economics and criminology
2022 Vegelius, Johan Estimation of Nonlinear Latent Variable and Mixture Models
2019 Schultzberg, Mårten Causal Inference in Observational Studies and Experiments: Theory and Applications
2019 Ankargren, Sebastian VAR Models, Cointegration and Mixed-Frequency Data
2015 Jin, Shaobo Essays on Estimation Methods for Factor Models and Structural Equation Models
2014 Andersson, Björn Contributions for Kernel Equating
2014 Wei, Jianxin On Bootstrap Evaluation of Tests for Unit Roots and Cointegration
2014 Xingwu, Zhou Likelihood-Based Panel Unit Root Tests for Factor Models
2014 Pingel, Ronnie Some Aspects of Propensity Score-Based Estimators for Causal Inference
2014 Liu, Xijia On Non Parametric Regression and Panel Unit Root Testing
2013 Solberger, Martin Likelihood-Based Tests for Common and Idiosyncratic Unit Roots in the Exact Factor Model
2013 Katsikatsu, Myrsini Composite Likelihood Estimation for Latent Variable models with Ordinal and Continuous or Ranking variables
2012 Kraus, Katrin On the Measurement of Model Fit for Sparse Categorical Data
2011 Luo, Hao Some Aspects on Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Ordinal Variables and Generating Non-normal Data
2009 Ekström, Joakim Contributions to the Theory of Measures of Association for Ordinal Variables
2008 Preve, Daniel Essays on Time Series Analysis: With Applications to Financial Econometrics
2007 Wallgren, Erik Essays on Capability Indices for Autocorrelated Data
2007 Bornefalk Hermansson, Anna Resampling Evaluation of Signal Detection and Classification: With Special Reference to Breast Cancer, Computer-Aided Detection and the Free-Response Approach
2006 Korsell, Nicklas Statistical Properties of Preliminary Test Estimators
2006 Karlsson, Andreas Estimation and Inference for Quantile Regression of Longitudinal Data: With Applications in Biostatistics
2006 Romild, Ulla Essays on Distance Based (Non-Euclidean) Tests for Spatial Clustering in Inhomogeneous Populations: Adjusting for the Inhomogeneity through the Distance Used
2005 Eriksson, Anders Essays on Gaussian Probability Laws with Stochastic Means and Variances: With Applications to Financial Economics
2003 Holmberg, Anders Essays on Model Assisted Survey Planning
2002 Forsberg, Lars On the Normal Inverse Gaussian Distribution in Modeling Volatility in the Financial Markets
2002 Persson, Inger Essays on the Assumption of Proportional Hazards in Cox Regression.
2001 Hansson, Lisbeth Statistical Considerations in the Analysis of Matched Case-Control Studies. With Applications in Nutritional Epidemiology.
2000 Axelson, Martin On Variance Estimation for the Two-Phase Regression Estimator
1999 Andersson, Jonas Essays on Financial Time Series Models. Stochastic Volatility and Long Memory
1998 Ghilagaber, Gebrenegus Five essays on models and methods for the analysis of survival data with single and multiple causes of failure - with applications in family demography.
1998 Mattsson, Stefan Essays on Structural Equation Modelling with Applications of the Basic Univariate Twin Model.
1997 Oke, Thimothy Pre-Testing and Specification Search in an Autoregressive Moving Average Process with Extension to Unit Root Cases.
1997 Yang Jonsson, Fan Non-Linear Structural Equation Models. Simulation Studies of the Kenny -Judd Model.
1997 Lyhagen, Johan Essays on Univariate Long Memory Models.
1996 Matin, Mohammad Some Aspects of Statistical Inference of Logistic Regression Model Parameters.
1995 Lindfors, Anders Parameter Estimation by Transform Methods. With applications in Science and Engineering.
1995 Carling, Kenneth Unemployment Duration and Attrition.
1994 Bring, Johan Variable Importance and Regression Modelling.
1994 Andersson, Claes On the Use of Two-Phase Sampling in Estimation of Parameters in Domains where Data Contain Misclassification and Measurement Errors.
1994 Gunsjö, Anna Faktoranalys av ordinala variabler.
1993 Bermann, Georgina Estimation and Inference in Bivariate and Multivariate Ordinal Probit Models.
1993 Jonsson, Bo On Estimation and Prediction when a Regressor is Measured with Error.
1992 Quiroga, Ana Studies of the Polychoric Correlation and other Correlation Measures for Ordinal Variables.
1992 Jacobson, Tor Essays on Vector Autoregressions with Cointegrating Restrictions.
1986 Hägglund, Gösta Factor Analysis by Instrumental Variables Methods.
1984 Pettersson, Roland Estimation of an Individuals True Ability from Multiple Choice Tests.
1978 Olsson, Ulf Some Data Analytic Problems in Models with Latent Variables.
1977 Muthén, Bengt Statistical Methodology for Structural Equations Models Involving Latent Variables with Dichotomous Indicators.
1976 Sörbom, Dag Statistical Methodology for Model Building with Latent Variables.
1976 Holgersson, Margareta Problems in the area of pattern recognition at different levels of information.
1975 Selén, Jan Interdependent systems with serially correlated errors.
1974 Bergström, Reinhold Studies in the estimation of interdependent systems especially the fix-point and iterative instrument variables methods.
1974 Bodin, Lennart Recursive fix-point estimation: Theory and applications.
1973 Edgerton, David Nonlinear Interdependent Systems.
1972 Ågren, Anders Estimation of the fixpoint method: Theory and application.
1969 Christoffersson, Anders The one component model with incomplete data.
1969 Stojkovic, George Market models for Swedish agriculture.
1969 Taube, Adam On the analysis of matched retrospective studies.
1967 Rappaport, Leon Kapitalbildning och befolkningsrörelse.
1966 Seeger, Paul Variance analysis of complete design.
1963 Jöreskog, Karl-Gustaf Statistical estimation in factor analysis
1961 Hoflund, Olle Tests of independence
1959 Eklund, Gunnar Studies of selection bias in applied statistics.
1957 Dalenius, Thore Sampling in Sweden.
1952 Hofsten, Erland Price indexes and quality changes.
1951 Whittle, Peter Hypothesis testing in time series analysis.
1948 Malmqvist, Sten A statistical Analysis of the Demand for Liquor in Sweden.
1938 Stockman, Sven Transithandeln vid import till Sverige med särskild hänsyn till år 1935.
1928 Winsler, P.G Bidrag till den ekonomiska avelsforskningens teori.
1925 Linders, F.J Demografiska studier rörande svenska kyrkans prästerskap.
1922 Nyström, B.A.E Arbetsstatistisk undersökning rörande husbyggnadsverksamheten i Sveriges städer och stadsliknande samhällen.
1919 Höijer, E.I Undersökning av det större och mindre jordbrukets produktion.
1910 Edin, K.A Arbetarebefolkningens bostadsförhållande i Uppsala. En social-statistisk undersökning.
1902 Huss, E.G Undersökning över folkmängd, åkerbruk och boskapsskötsel i landskapet Västerbotten
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