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Statistics can be the main subject within the Bachelor's Programme in Business and Economics, the Bachelor's Programme in Political Science or the Bachelor's Programme in Social Sciences. We also give dedicated courses for the Bachelor's Programme in Urban and Regional Planning, the Uppsala Culture and Society Programme as well as the Bachelor's Programme in Business Studies at Campus Gotland. Our courses on the A, B and C level can also be taken as freestanding courses.

We have collected general information for students on a separate page. For general course information, ordering of certificate of studies and information about re-registration, turn to student service office. For questions of studies in statistics, arrangement of courses as well as advice on choice of courses and requirements, turn to the study counsellor.

Courses at the undergraduate level

Each course has a course syllabus. The syllabus provides information about the entry requirements, learning outcomes, content, instruction and assessment. Syllabi are approved by the faculty or department offering the course and are subject to change from semester to semester. Reading lists are appended to each syllabus.

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