Education in statistics

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We train students at all levels: undergraduate levelmaster level (Master's Programme in Statistics and Data Science) och PhD level. On the undergraduate level it is possible to major in statistics within the Bachelor's Programme in Business and Economics, the Bachelor's Programme in Political Science and the Bachelor's Programme in Social Science. We also teach courses within several other programmes, and it is also possible to take our courses as freestanding courses. At the master level we have our own two-year programme. We also train researchers in statistics with our PhD programme.

Aside from this, we also provide cost-free consultancy concerning statistics for all students writing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis at the Social Science Faculty via our statistics consultancy service.

Read more about our Master's Programme in Statistics and Data Science and how to apply.

The student service office

You can turn to the student service office to get general course information, order certificate of studies and get information about re-registration.

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Uppsala EBA Student Association

Logo of the Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association

The Uppsala Business and Economics Student Association (Uppsalaekonomerna) is the student union at the department. As a student union they work to improve the education at the university and to help students with study related issues. For instance, they have a full time employed Head of Education who works with these issues and who you can turn to if you have problems with anything from examinations to admission or CSN.

Uppsalaekonomerna's homepage

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Last modified: 2023-02-16